Ultimate Guide to Moving to United States: Tips and FAQs

Things to do Before Flying

Medication (to Carry from your Home Country, if any)

Transportation (from Airport)

Housing (Temporary and Long-term)

Things to do After Landing

Learn about Nearest Embassy/Consulate

University Identity Card

State Identity Card/Driver License

Getting a Phone Number

Getting an Internet Connection

Connect with your Academic Advisor

Financial Aid

Types of Assistantships/On-campus Jobs

Bank Account

Credit Card

Social Security Number

Learn about On-campus Activities

Learn about Activities in the City/Town/State

Local Transportation

Connect with local ethnic community from your country/region

Nearby Convenience and Specialty Stores

Emergency Contact Numbers and Safety Measures

Network with Other Students and Alumni

Connect with Professors

Learn about Student Organizations

Know about Fitness Center

Learn about Equipment Rentals

Volunteer Opportunities

Internship (CPT/OPT)

LinkedIn Profile


Find about Medical Insurance, Urgent Care Unit(s) and Emergency Room(s)

Emergency Funds

Carrying Cash

Managing Finances/Spend Tracking

Saving Money

Cold Weather Injuries and Winter Wear

Hot Weather Injuries

Make Yourself Aware of Your Surrounding

Water Activities – Safety Measures

Filing Income Tax

Awareness and Protection against Scams

If there is any other specific question, feel free to write an email.